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#7 Time to relax

October 02, 2022 23:24:48 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

My first experience with TTTM was four years ago, when me and a friend of mine went camping by a small lake a weekend and she had brought her hammock.

#4 Magic Escape

October 02, 2022 23:07:46 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

In everyday life with stress and hustle, a trip with the hammock feels so relaxing. The bright and fine colors on Ticket to the Moon hammocks, makes it easy to take fine photos.

#1 Van Life

October 02, 2022 18:40:16 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

We are Kim & Lotta from Germany. Our Van story starts with an incredible love story in summer 2019...

#6 The Lover of Wilderness

October 02, 2022 16:36:02 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

We have a very close connection with TTTM Team in Bali and FYI TTTM built a Foundation in Sumba since 2006 to help the locals improve their life conditions and we decided to stay at their accommodation to contribute and learning.

#2 Australian Meeting

October 02, 2022 15:56:06 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

After 1 month of Trip on the East Coast of Australia I decided to join 3 friends on the island of Tasmania for 3 weeks of roadTrip in free camping.

#5 Local exploring

October 02, 2022 15:16:08 | Category : Ticket to the Moon Family

You don’t have to travel the world for magical hiking experiences. I am a woman, 45 and married with two kids. I have a career and live a normal busy life which leaves me in need of regular timeouts.

Hammock Session in Bismantova, Italy 2018

October 02, 2022 14:16:09 | Category : Highline Hammock Slackline Events

In May 2018, Ticket To The Moon designed an impressive hammock installation over the 50 meter gap at the beautiful sandstone rock formation Pietra di Bismantova in Italy, several hundred meters above the valley floor.

Hammock Camping Tips & Hacks for Beginners

October 02, 2022 13:56:08 | Category : Hammock Camping

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