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TTTM Affiliate Program


Interested in becoming one of our ambassadors and represent the Tribe?

If you are a traveler, blogger, social media influencer or adventurer who likes to connect with people and share your outdoor adventures, bring your TICKETTOTHEMOON product and your enthusiasm: you may be the right person to be part of the TICKETTOTHEMOON affiliate program.

By being a TICKETTOTHEMOON ambassador, you will receive a promotional code that you can share. Customers who buy on our website with your code will get 10% off their order! What about you? As soon as the total amount of orders made with your code exceeds 250€, you have the choice: Spend the amount earned on our website or receive a bank transfer from us. If you use this amount to purchase new TICKETTOTHEMOON products on our site, your amount to be spent will be equal to 20% of the total purchase of your community. If you choose the bank transfer, it will be equal to 10% of the total purchases. 

Become an ambassador by filling out the form below: why are you the ideal person, the one we are looking for? Qualified candidates will be contacted by members of our tribe and you will have the privilege of receiving a discount code that you can pass on to your followers. It will allow you to increase your rewards as people use it.

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