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With A Strong Passion For Creating Feel Good Products, Ticket To The Moon Offers A Selection Of Other Products

having A Strong Passion To Create Feel Good Products For Dreamers Worldwide, Ticket To The Moon Offers A Selection Of Other Products. The Offering Varies Strongly, As Certain Products Are Suspended And Relaunched Based On Specific Circumstances In The Market And The Local Availability Of Materials. At Present, Our Lifestyle Products Comprise Of Three Items. First Off Our Renowned Beach Blanket, This Easy-to-carry Sheet Of Sturdy Parachute Nylon Protects You From Whatever's On The Ground, Its Corner Pockets Can Be Filled With Sand Or Rocks To Stop It From Flying Away. You Can Also Use It As A Shield Against Wind Or Sunlight By Attaching Cordage To The Corner Rings. When Not In Use The Beach Blanket Packs Away In A Detachable Round Pouch. 

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