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  • Lightest Hammock

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    The Lightest Hammock: made with ultra-thin material packs away extremely compact. The first hammock you can truly bring anywhere, always. (Suspension Systems EXCLUDED - see the description for the option)

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Newest Review For "Lightest Hammock" :

By Angelika Volz - 18 November 2020

I was blown away by the tiny packing size and the very thin and light material. It certainly is the lightest hammock I have ever come across. The material feels like very fine silk, thin as glad wrap. However, it does not feel sweaty and does not seem to be noisy. For its minimalistic design it is very spacious and comfortable, for daily use where weight is no issue, my original TTTM hammock will still be my first choice though. I am curious to test the durability over time. At this point I would be super cautious around prickly plants in order not to have it ripped. Certainly a good choice when every gram counts.

By Olivia Stephenson - 18 November 2020

Love this hammock. Considering its size it is amazingly compact and lightweight.

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