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We Have Tooled Some Special Hammock Hardware, Like Our Very Own Aluminum Carabiners.These Versatile Clips Are Available In Three Different Sizes: 6kN, 10kN, 22kN.

We have tooled some special hammock hardware, to compare your hammock set-up. These include our very own aluminum carabiners, with stainless steel wire gates. They are most versatile clips, available in three different sizes: 6kN, 10kN, 22kN (that is 2200 Kilos!). The smallest, 600kg strong minibiner was designed for use with our lightest hammock. The custom 5x7 mm oval eyelet and tooled edges ensure trouble-free use with UHMwPE (Ultra High Molecular weight Polyethylene) or HMPE (High Modulus Polyethylene) fiber ropes, commonly known brands include dyneema/samson/amsteel/etc.... The Minimal dimensions of 45mm x 28mm still allow for use with shaped to perfectly align the ropes of the hammock loop, which guarantees a superior hang. Our 10kN carabiners, meanwhile, are specially shaped to perfectly align the ropes of the hammock loop, which guarantees a superior hang. Theor open gate capacity of 300kg ensures a safe hang under all circumstances. Our biggest carabiner on offer to-date has an extra wide gate opening and a breaking strength above 700kg, even up to 22kN with a closed gate. Through probably overkill for most users, the added capacity doesn't come at much added weight. The smooth finish and slick design of all our carabiners avoid damage to straps. ropes and hammocks. For many of our customers the desire to hang their hammock doesn't stop at the end of their trip and they need an easy way to hang time and again in a certain place. To create a discrete (semi-) permanent attachment point solution comes in complete kits comprising two stainless steel  hangers, 2 bolts with washers and 2 heavy duty Fisher© Plugs. The hanger design is inspired by the time tested anchors used for rock-climbing, as these divert forces away from the axis of the bolt, to ensure the highest levels of safety. Ticket to the Moon Hammock anchors are easily installed on wood, the only tool you need is a spanner. For application on brick and concrete structures they require a spanner and impact drill. 

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