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Hammock Accessories

We Offer Products For Most Situations, Including Tarps, Mosquito Nets, And More.  

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Hammocking Is The New Camping, And You May Need Special Tools. Luckily, You Can Add Functionality With Our Many Accessories. Apart From Suspension Systems, We Offer Products For Most Situations, Including Tarps, Mosquito Nets, And More.  


Ticket To The Moon Offers A Complete Range Of Tarps,each With Different Characteristics And Features But The Same Quality And Craftsmanship. Our Moontarp Is By Far The Most Widely Sought After, It Offers Protection From The Sun, Rain And Wind. Sturdy, Ripstop PU Treated Nylon In A Diamond Configuration Allows For Maximum Coverage In An Easy To Carry Moo N Pouch. The Build-in Guy Line Tensioners, Cordage Pockets, Pegs And Extra Eyelets Let You Set Up Camp With The Desired Level Of Protection, In No Time. Our Lightest Tarp, Was Designed For Use With Our Lightest Hammock. Offering The Versatility And Intuitive Design Of Our Moontrap, The Lightest Accomplishes The Same In A Much Smaller And Lighter Package. Key To The Reduction Is The Use Of An Advanced SilPoly Material, Which Won't Sag When The Temperature Drops And Has Much Lower Water Retention Than SilNylon. The Full Moontarp Is Our First Full Size Hammock Shelter, Contrary To Its Sleeker Peers, It Covers The Hammock From All Sides. This Is Particularly Convenient In Situations Where Extra Protection From Harsh Weather Is Required. The Versatility Of This SilPoly Rectangular Tarp Knows No Limits, It Comes With Tie-out Points And Extra Cordage To Allow For A Myriad Of Configurations. Despite Its Low Weight This Tarp With Doors Will Cover Most Hammocks, Even Our Honeymoon Hammock Albeit In A Diamond Set-up. 


The Bugnet Is A Very Useful Hammock Accessory To Keep Pests Away, The Last Thing You Want On Your Trip Is Being Bitten By Insects. The All Around Protection Of The Convertible Bugnet 360° Guarantees A Blissful Sleep. Having A Bug Net Around Your Hammock As Opposed To Attached To Your Hammock Offers Many Benefits; You Only Instal It When Needed; You Cannot Get Bitten From Below Through The Hammock; When You Don’t Need The Protection You Move It To One End Of The Hammock. Our Convertible Bugnet Further Has The Unique Possibility To Open The Top Entirely, Something You Can Do From Within The Comfort Of Your Hammock. As With All Our Products, It Is Adventure Ready With Its Integrated Ridgeline, Full Length Double YKK Zipper And Custommoon Pouch. The Net Is Available In The Colours White, Black And Green, It Is Made With An Extra Fine Mesh That Will Keep The Smallest Of Insects Out.  


The Special Hammock Insulation, The Moonquilt, Keeps You Warm At All Times. We Designed The Moonquilt As A Synthetic 3 Season Under Quilt That Can Easily Be Used As A Top-quilt Or Regular Sleeping Bag. The Smart Compression Bag Enables You To Keep Your Set-up The Same Every Time, Without Having To Make Adjustments. Moonquilt, Bugnet, Hammock And Suspension Are All Kept Together For Storage, And Ready For Your Next Hang.  


Ticket To The Moon Hammock Sleeve Protect Your Hammock When It Is Hung, But You Are Not Using It. It Is An Essential Accessory To Extend The Hammock’s Lifespan And Further Helps To Keep Your Hammock Clean. When Leaving A Hammock Out, Other People, Animals Or The Wind Might Be Tempted To Start Enjoying It, When Covered With The Hammock Sleeve You Prevent That From Happening.


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