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Convertible Bug Net 360°

The Ticket to the Moon Mosquito Net evolved over the years to bring you a blissful sleep. Stay protected from all sides and bid farewell to all pests!

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Convertible Bug Net 360°


Mosquito netting for a blissful bug-free sleep   

Though compact and lightweight, our bug net 360° protects you from all sides, even from below. It was designed to bring a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Its formidable efficiency will prevent mosquitoes and any other insects from disturbing your camping adventure.

Having a separate net and hammock means that you have a cocoon like space for optimal all-around protection. The fully convertible top allows you to change from closed to open hammock hanging instantly, from within your hammock.

More effective than a jungle hammock

The bug net is made with a double zipper and an extra-fine mesh of 200 openings per cm2 that covers you and your hammock completely, so there is no possible way-in for insects. We have successfully tested this net in areas with a high malaria risk, nevertheless we’d advise to use Permethrin repellent treatment there. This hammock accessory is ideal for travelers who want to venture into the most dangerous corners of the world, and for those hiking and camping in the wilderness: anyone will find happiness with a bugfree sleep...

The TTTM Convertible Bug Net 360° is designed for use with all hammocks that do not use spreader bars. It will fit gathered-end hammocks upto 360 cm, because of its generous length of three meters. For more hammock camping convenience, we offer weather protection with Moontarps and Moonquilts.

Intuitive setup:

  1. Install your hammock with suspension

  2. Remove the net from its pouch and stick your arm through  

  3. Attach minibiners to hammock end-loops

  4. Draw hammock through net

  5. Tighten end strings and insert loose ends into net

  6. Unzip the top, partly or in full

  7. Get inside hammock and close zipper

  8. Tighten top line from inside

Enjoy your convertible bug net 360°

Product Features:

  • Dimensions: 300 x 130 cm -  9’10” x 4’3”

  • Netting: 200 holes / cm2 - 1296 openings / in2

  • Weight: 485g -  17.1 oz

  • Material: 100% polyester, washable at 30 ° C

  • Available colours: white, black and army green

  • 10 years warranty on workmanship and material defects

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