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Hanging Kit

Hammocks only belong onto trees? Not really! The TTTM Hanging Kit allows you to set up your hammock indoors or anywhere else you find concrete, wooden or stone walls.

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Hanging Kit

12,00 €

The TTTM Hanging Kit lets you set up your hammock indoors or wherever you find concrete or stone walls.

The kit includes:

2 x Hangers

2 x Lag Bolts

2 x Fishers

2 x Washers

1 x Installation Instruction

What you require for the set-up:

1 x drill

1 x 10 mm (3/8”) drill bit

1 x 17 mm wrench

If you want to install the display on wooden structures, please use the screws directly without the fisher - as long as your wooden wall is strong enough and suitable for drilling.


1) Try to find the right distance between two walls usually a distance from 2.7 - 3 m is perfect without the need for additional ropes.

2) Check the wall by tapping and knocking and see if it is sturdy enough and not just a hollow thin layer of plywood…

3) Choose any height from 1.3 m and higher, depending on the distance of your hangers. Make sure to install the anchors higher if they are further away than 3 m – otherwise you either don’t have the 30° angle for your hammock or you will touch the floor. ;)

4) Drill a hole in a concrete or stone wall with a 10 mm (3/8”) boring head. Check the length according to the Bolt included in the Kit. Clean the hole with a brush or blow residual dust out with a straw.

5) Gently insert the fisher first.

6) Insert the lag bolt with the hanger and the washer already threat in, screw the bolt until it is securely tightened.

7) Attach your Rope or Moon Strap to the hanger and use your hammock the way you are used to. Don’t attach the aluminum Carabiner directly to the stainless-steel hanger, because it may damage the Carabiner. Start with gently sitting inside your hammock to see if the hangers are installed safely and securely.

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