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The Moonstrap is Ticket to the Moon´s newest suspension solution through combining tree-friendly properties, small packing size, higher durability and higher load (until 200kg / 440lbs) compared to other suspension gear.  The Moonstrap is completely adjustable and ideal for a quick setup or takedown. It also fits into your Express-Bag of the hammock.

You can install the Moonstrap on any sturdy object, slippery surfaces, trees etc... The strap is 2 cm (0,79 inch) wide and 2,60m (8´6") long, comes with 9 attachment loops and is the ideal choice for your Mammock Hammock or any other heavy load projects! As all TTTM products, a pair of Moonstrap comes in a own pouch so that you can take them anywhere.


Product Features:


Dimensions Moon Strap: 2 x 260 x 2 cm - 2 x 8’6” x 0,79” 
                                          2 mm (1/16") thickness

Maximum Static load: 200 kg - 440 lbs static load

9 attachment loops

Material: 100% polyester


10 years warranty against defects in workmanship and materials